Using over 20 years of service and knowledge, I can analyze your situation to help determine the best course of action for you and your family. We can work to immediately stop garnishments and foreclosures. Start controlling your financial future today.


Offering hope over debt

Even if there seems to be no solution to your situation, don’t lose hope. While filing for bankruptcy can appear daunting, you’re not alone. I can help you understand your options and passionately serve as your trusted advocate. When you call the Harper Law Firm, you’re one step closer to a brighter, more hopeful future.

Sometimes situations beyond your control can profoundly impact your earning potential and lead to overwhelming debt. If you find yourself unable to pay your bills, you may want to consider filing for bankruptcy.

I can help determine if the following bankruptcy options are right for you:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy — For individuals and their spouses who own fewer assets and earn smaller incomes, Chapter 7 bankruptcy grants you relief from debts through liquidation of your assets.
  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy — An option for families facing foreclosure or whose incomes are higher, Chapter 13 bankruptcy permits you to pay off debts under a court-ordered installment plan extending three to five years. This option provides numerous advantages, including the possibility of keeping your home.

What you can expect:

Assistance from an experienced bankruptcy attorney My focus on consumer bankruptcy issues has taught me not just about bankruptcy laws and procedures but also about how to help you get the most out of your bankruptcy.

Distinguished and outstanding serviceA life-long member of the Boy Scouts of America, I was awarded Scouting’s national Distinguished Service Award in 2012 for distinguished and outstanding service to the Scouting movement. Only 908 awards have been presented nationwide, and only 25 individuals from Georgia have ever received the award. You can expect me to adhere to the highest levels of professional conduct and service in dealing with your case.

Personal, one-on-one attentionAs a solo practitioner, your case is my top priority. My goal is to meet or to exceed your expectations, and to make this process as smooth and stress-free as possible. By treating you the way I would want to be treated, I am able to give your case the personal attention that many other attorneys would not be able to give.

Friendly and confidential support The decision to file for bankruptcy is often very difficult. With caring guidance and confidential support throughout the process, you will gain hope over debt, and hope for the future while I diligently protect your rights against creditors.


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:

Get Immediate Debt Relief

In most cases, Chapter 7 bankruptcy provides immediate debt relief and gives you a fresh start on life. Chapter 7 stops all harassing phone calls, garnishments, lawsuits and collection efforts against you.

"Means-Test" Qualification

To qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief, you must satisfy federal bankruptcy law's "Means-Test". The means-test is the calculation of all household income, and is based on your total household size. In simple terms, if you make too much money under the means test, you may not be allowed to file Chapter 7. With a free consultation in my office, I can determine if you are eligible for Chapter 7, and can explain to you other possible options you may have, including protection under Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Protection of Assets

With almost 20 years of experience, I can determine which of your assets are eligible for protection in the Chapter 7 process. When necessary, I negotiate with the trustee to preserve these assets from bankruptcy liquidation.

Discharge of Debts

Upon conclusion of the bankruptcy case, the court issues a written court order of discharge that wipes out your debts and makes it illegal for creditors to collect on these debts again.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy:

Protect Your Rights and Your Home

Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you to consolidate all of your debts into an affordable monthly payment. Under the protection of court-order, creditors are not allowed to contact or harass you while you are in Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and they are required to accept payments under the terms your repayment plan.

Filed individually or jointly with your spouse, Chapter 13 bankruptcy gives you a fresh financial start. Once you have filed for bankruptcy, your creditors must immediately stop phone calls, garnishments, lawsuits and collection efforts.

Immediately Stop Home Foreclosure

Using almost two decades of knowledge and experience for you, I can protect you and your home from foreclosure. As soon as your Chapter 13 case is filed, an automatic stay will stop the foreclosure of your home.

Lower Debt Payments

One of the real advantages of Chapter 13 is the ability to significantly reduce your payments to creditors, often by thousands of dollars. I will completely analyze your financial situation to develop the lowest cost strategy for you.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.


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